Monday, 11 February 2013

Changing my life

One year ago my life start changing ,by trying to see in everything the positive side,by trying thinking only good thoughts,and by accepting everything that happen and all that God offer me ,and being thankful for...because I understand even the things that we see as wrong,or facts that make us suffering ,have something to teach us.We must just look from all the sides,and think more...we will know why of some things.I enjoy this life,being grateful for everything .Some times it happen to be disappointed when I discover the egoism and the falsity of the people,but after I focus on the positive things.My life is so wonderful and rich,and there is not time to hate ,when i can think of love and where is love, God show us that is happiness,fulfillment, is everything.
My first happy thought is about the gift of being alive.The presence of important people in my life, like my parents,my mother ,wonderful person that give me birth ,grow me,protect me and teaching me ;and  friends ,that see my defects and still being close to me ,that listen me always and give me advice .This is the best reason for smile every day,for being grateful and for being happy.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

about money and life

  Let's speak about money!I don't understand why for some people the money is more important that everything else.The money is something that come and go.The life is just one,the time will go,money will be finish,so  will remain only the remembers of what you did on your way,the facts.If you spend all your life just focusing on money,later you will understand that you can't go back,and will be too late.
I think life is more than money and have everything!Life is enjoying this place ,enjoying everything that surround us,is listening the noise of a river,feeling the wind on your hair,is running barefoot on the field, feeling the waves of a sea,is love each other,is make friends and help they who needs,is learning and being grateful for everything.
I don't say that having money is not good,because everything have a cost and  we must work,for live;but is not the center of our life!
So people,live your life!Don't waste it in the superficial things.