Sunday, 16 June 2013

Something to remember

...most people go through life contemplating yesterday's events and while we are busy recounting our various stories,we are unknowingly missing the most special moment of life right is impossible to experience life and generate new experiences and opportunities when we lock our attention upon the past....this focus on the past keeps us from noticing and enjoying the life occurring all around us in the present moment...the past is a step of our evolution and growth and holding on to old images,worn glories and emotional narratives of a time gone by does not always allow us to become fulfillment of our potential......when we spend our precious life in the past,we occupy the now moment with this former energy...each consecutive moment automatically creates a future based upon this past this linear approach,we create our lives in the order of past,present,future.....this linear view offers a false sense of stability.....we use this past orientation to keep a sense of security upon the known ways of living.......however this backward focus also eliminates the potential held in the unknown future....for many,time eventually runs out and they wonder what happened to the life they were supposed to be exploring and....they wonder what happened to the life if they were supposed to be exploring and enjoying while they were so busy recounting former times...when we surge forward toward a goal in life,we are creating in a positive way...our attention is upon our potential and what we choose to become rather than who we have been........goals and desires cause us to think about possibilities........this is a type of future pacing through our imagination........when we learn to create in this way,we use our ideas of a future self to provide the frame of reference to take action in our present moment.........when we take action in the present moment,although it automatically becomes our past we are sending energy out to manifest as a future desire.......our focus is upon moving forward and allowing this awareness of self to build its momentum....!!!!!!!!!