Monday, 13 May 2013

I'm grateful for everything i have

The use of positive affirmations is one of the greatest tools for creating a positive mindset.
With a positive mindset you can attract great things to you! As the Law of Attraction says, you will attract whatever you focus your attention and energy on and attract more of the same whether wanted or unwanted.
So, positive thoughts creates more positive, wonderful things being attracted to you.
Here are the affirmation that i love to say every day:
  1. I am successful.
  2. I deserve love and goodness.
  3. I am perfect in this moment.
  4. My dreams are coming true.
  5. Money is coming my way.
  6. I am a great person.
  7. I like everything about myself.
  8. I am exactly who I want to be.
  9. My life is my own.
  10. I choose only good thoughts.
  11. I decide to be happy and I am happy.
  12. I love myself.
  13. I love my life.
  14. I am grateful for everything I have.
  15. I am surrounded by good people and good things.
  16. I am ready for anything.
  17. Today is a great day.
  18. I expect only the very best.
  19. I allow good people into my life because I am a good person.
  20. Thank you for the success I already have.
  21. There is nothing I want that I can’t have.
  22. There is no goal which is out of reach.
  23. I am already exactly where I want to be.
  24. I have everything I need.
  25. My body is fine just the way it is.
  26. I accept how I look.
  27. I am glad to be me.
  28. I know this day is going to rock!
  29. I feel empowered and useful.
  30. I am capable of all good things.
  31. I have love and gratitude for my life.
  32. I appreciate the wealth and happiness I enjoy each day.