Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Experiences life

God give us a gift:the LIFE and I think that our reason in this life is to love ,help each other and to leave behind you traces which will remember you as a good soul.

We should seek to learn as much as possible the meaning of the life.We should give less importance to the money,to the stress which it is made by it,less importance to what people think about us,less importance to material things which are only temporary and which can dissolve or disappear any time.

DON'T live just with the brain,with thoughts,but with the soul,with feelings and emotions.
Feel this life,Love ,to be loved,and do good how much you can.Because this is the treasure which we collect in this life.

Don't rush anything you will do ,but do it with all YOURSELF and with love.

Don't be afraid to be judge by people,because is not in front of the people that you will answer but in front of God.And He is the only One which is always there for you like no one else, which understand you and gives you strength.

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